Green Heat Induction—The freedom and the flexibility to create the world's most powerful and efficient kitchens

Imagine how efficient and fast it would be if you could generate a precise amount of heat in only the cooking vessel itself. That's exactly what Garland induction technology is all about. It is the perfect union of cooking power and energy efficiency. More powerful than gas, more efficient than radiant heat. Instead of transferring the heat from the burner to the cooking vessel, the heat occurs only in the cooking vessel itself – no pan, no heat! That's the magic of induction by Garland. Cooking heat so powerful, yet so efficient, it can truly be called Green Heat.
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Compare the power of Garland Induction to conventional cooking

Compare the power of Garland Induction to conventional cooking:

Huge energy savings

Huge energy savings

• More than 50% energy savings (compared to gas open tops)

 • Cooking points stop transferring energy the moment the pan is removed

• Induction cooking does not emit ambient heat contributing to less heat in the kitchen

• No wasted energy when cooking food
Cool working conditions

Cool working conditions

• The heat is on but it’s cool in the kitchen as the heat goes directly into the food and not the environment

• Induction cookers give off practically no radiant heat = pleasant surroundings

• Ceramic glass plate is simply the supporting surface for pans

• No added pressure on ventilation system
Precise temperature control

Precise temperature control

• Rapid response to changes in power settings, unprecedented in electrical appliances

• Programmability and a digital display allow exact and repeatable results
• No hovering over low temperature cooking

• Short cook times, no need for constant adjustments
Improved Safety

Improved Safety

• The patented RTCSmp® systems cut back energy supply when boil dry and overheated pan hazards are detected

• Reduces possibility of injury compared to high temperature flames or red hot electric elements

• RTCSmp® allows use of a broader choice of pans

• Cable free measurement
Clean kitchens

Clean kitchens

• Superior performance than gas cooking and easier to clean than electric infrared cook tops

• Even at the busiest time of the day, cooking surfaces are cool and can be cleaned with a simple wipe
Instant Heat

Instant Heat

• Heat generated directly in the pan base, in direct contact with the food item.

• Minimal pre-heating necessary for all cooking applications.
How it works...

How it works...

  • Induction cookers produce an alternating magnetic field using a copper coil that is fed current at a specified frequency and power level.
  • When a steel vessel is placed in close proximity, an electric current is ‘induced’ in the steel.
  • Heat is produced due to the resistive quality of the metal against the induced current. When properly controlled, this method is capable of generating precise amounts of localized heat.
Garland RTCSmp Sensing System

Garland RTCSmp Sensing System

Watch the Video
Watch the Video 
Garland Induction

The most important difference between Garland Induction and all other induction brands is the way the energy is monitored and controlled. Other units fail where Garland outperforms with its exclusive RTCSmp sensing system.

Garland induction portfolio of products is extensive, whether you need a portable countertop solution or a built-in solution, Garland has it covered! Garland Induction Countertop Series offers a wide range of countertop models, including Cooktop Line, Griddle Line, Wok Line, Hold Line, or Fajita warmers. Garland’s Designer Series includes the Built-In Line, Module Line, and Hold Line.

Download the brochure to learn why!

RTCSmp® Versus Conventional Induction

RTCSmp® Versus Conventional Induction RTCSmp® Versus Conventional Induction RTCSmp® Versus Conventional Induction

The RTCSmp® system is the first of it’s kind in the world. Sensors detects boiled dry and overheated pans, and reduces the power under electronic control.

With RTCSmp® you can use a wide spectrum of pans. Weak ferromagnetic utensils, will impact cooking performance, even at high power (coupling efficiency). But the RTCSmp and a novel control technology will detect pan performance and will adjust power accordingly to boost efficiency.

The RTCSmp® temperature measurement sensor recognizes the pan, measures the reflected eddy currents, and computes an exact temperature pattern. At any temperature the system is equally precise and error free.

A word from our customers

Rüti Restaurant, Herisau, Switzerland.
What I value most about my induction-equipped kitchen is the high flexibility and rapid availability of each cooking station.

Rüti Restaurant,
Herisau, Switzerland.
Auberge du Pommier, Toronto, Canada.
The temperature in our kitchen has been reduced substantialy thanks to induction. This improved the work environment and saved energy.

Auberge du Pommier,
Toronto, Canada.

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