Green Heat Induction

Green Heat Induction

The freedom and the flexibility to create the world's most powerful and efficient kitchens

Imagine how efficient and fast it would be if you could generate a precise amount of heat in only the cooking vessel itself. That's exactly what Garland induction technology is all about. It is the perfect union of cooking power and energy efficiency. More powerful than gas, more efficient than radiant heat. Instead of transferring the heat from the burner to the cooking vessel, the heat occurs only in the cooking vessel itself – no pan, no heat! That's the magic of induction by Garland. Cooking heat so powerful, yet so efficient, it can truly be called Green Heat.


Garland Induction Technology VideoGarland Induction Technology Interview with Chef McCann Video
Garland Induction TechnologyGarland Induction Technology
Interview with Chef McCann

Garland RTCSmp Sensing System

The most important difference between Garland Induction and all other induction brands is the way the energy is monitored and controlled. Other units fail where Garland outperforms with its exclusive RTCSmp sensing system. 

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Garland induction portfolio of products is extensive, whether you need a portable countertop solution or a built-in solution, Garland has it covered! Garland Induction Countertop Series offers a wide range of countertop models, including Cooktop Line, Griddle Line, Wok Line, Hold Line, or Fajita warmers. Garland's Designer Series includes the Built-In Line, Module Line, and Hold Line.

Induction Base Line

Compare the power of Garland Induction to conventional
cook tops:

Huge energy savingsInstant heatPrecise temperature control

Huge energy savings
More than 50% energy savings (compared to gas open tops)

Instant Heat
Heat generated directly in the pan base, in direct contact with the
food item

Precise temperature control*
Including rapid response/ recovery
Clean work surfacesCool working conditionsImproved safety

Clean work surfaces
Burn on is impossible even at
busiest times

Cool working conditions
Way less ambient heat means that kitchens stay cooler

Improved Safety
Patented RTCS and RTCSmp® systems cut back energy supply when boil dry and overheated pan hazards are detected
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