New Port Richey, FL – February 7, 2019 – Garland, a leading Welbilt brand for commercial cooking equipment, presents the new INSTINCT Counter Unit Series, the Best in Induction Technology, at The NAFEM Show, which will be held between February 7 and 9 in Orlando, Florida, at Orange County Convention Center.

The new INSTINCT Counter Unit Series, the first and only comprehensive control and monitoring system for induction technology, inspires culinary creativity and brings your passion to the surface.

The Instinct counter line includes a wide range of products: Ranging from Hob (3.5-5) or Wok (3.5-5-8) to the Griddle (3.5-5), it also offers Dual countertops with its Hob 10 or Griddle 10.

Energy efficiency, high reliability and short heating times are key characteristics of the INSTINCT counter unit series. Its main innovative characteristic is the Incoming Voltage detection. The INSTINCT system has the capability to recognize the incoming power and automatically adjust its internal parameters to always deliver the maximum rated power. This ensures the best possible performance regardless of the pan’s quality while being more reliable at avoiding overshooting the maximum rated power. The Dual Hob and Griddle offer this system independently on each cooking zone.

The Dual Hob and Griddle allow for entirely separate settings and modes for both zones. This offers a greater variety in use and application allowing Chefs to have two entirely separate temperature zones on the one unit.

Additionally, operators can use the service menu to easily set the maximum power output of the unit at any rate from 25% (1250 W) to 100% of the nominal max power. This empowers operators with limited power availability to use this unit with all its features, safe in the knowledge that they will not exceed the available load. The unit monitors the available power and adjusts itself to the available level. This flexibility is also independently controlled per zone.

In terms of noise, the INSTINCT counter unit series is on average 20dB quieter than competitor models. In addition, the new design of the unit and its improved air ventilation system allow the unit to be pushed right up against the wall or other equipment on the counter line: Zero clearance allows operators to maximize counter space.

The RTCSmp (Realtime Temperature Control System) Technology is available in counter top units for the first time with the INSTINCT Line. Safe, accurate and fast, this technology allows temperature control, without delay exact down to 1°C, while offering great security for both the operator and the unit by preventing the boil dry of the pan.

For more information about our Induction counter units or other Garland products, stop by Welbilt booth# 3200 during the NAFEM Show, Feb 7-9, 2019 or visit


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