Induction Base-Line - Model GI-SH/BA 3500

Induction RTCS Base Line

Garland Induction Unit GI-SH/BA 3500 with a total rating of 3.5 kW. Built with a robust stainless steel casting with ceran ceramic glass work top. Compact powerful electronic system for years of reliable service. Overheat sensors to help prevent damage to unit if pan is run dry. Easy to operate system with rotary switch. Unit to come with integral cord and plug.

Induction Benefits

  • Energy Efficient
  • Fast Heat
  • Precise Cooking
  • Easy to Clean
  • No Pan, No Heat.
  • Cool Operations
  • Boil Dry Protection

Note: Induction cooking requires "Induction Ready" pans to operate.


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  • A Pleasure to Use
    • With induction, the cooking vessel is an integral part of the heating process. Remove the pan, and heating stops. There are no open flames or glowing elements left behind heating the workspace and wasting energy.The sloped control panel is easy to see and reach.Control is predictable and provides instantaneous response.Removable, clean-and-reuse air intake filter.
  • Amazing Efficiency
    • The most efficient known cooking method, Induction technology transfers heat to the pan, but not to the surrounding air. Even at searing pan temperatures, operation is cool, comfortable and safe.RTCS Technology measures the ferrous content of the cooking vessel and automaticaly adjusts for optimum effect.95%+ Energy Efficiency!
  • Built to Last
    • RTCS Technology adjusts to maximize energy transfer efficiency, and minimize heat that is reflected back at the components.Largest heat sink available in a commercial induction unit.Integrated cooling fan with specially baffled rear discharge to prevent re-entry of exhaust air.Industrial-grade micro-circuitry.
  • Compact & Portable
    • Compact table top design with stainless steel body and high impact ceramic glass top provides instant heat anywhere.Lowest working height possible with current technology.
  • RTCS Technology
    • Real-Time Temperature Control System is a breakthrough in induction control software. Garland's RTCS-equipped Induction Cookers actually sense vital characteristics of the cooking vessel, and adjust automatically for maximum performance.

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