Imagine an island of your own, imagine one of ours

At Garland, an entire team of specialists awaits to help turn your dream into reality with the Master and Cuisine Series Island Suites. Ever-evolving, both the Master and Cuisine Series Island Suites are unique in their technological innovation and style. A kitchen experience to thrill the world’s most discerning chefs - seducing them with precision and efficiency, the finest craftsmanship, innovation in design and function, quantifiable dexterity and power.

Form and Function, for more than 50 years

Garland has a long history of designing and manufacturing many of the most significant suites for a “who’s who” of the major culinary destinations in North America and the world. Major consultants in North America have come to trust the Garland name as one that represents reliability and durability combined with the latest innovation and technology for unmatched performance and results.


You have finally arrived...

Your own island as designed by Garland is the ultimate in cooking and design expression. Moreover, your island can be further refined with custom cooking equipment. Built upon a solid foundation, Garland Master Series Heavy Duty or Cuisine Series Heavy Duty equipment is the prime building block for even the most proficient chef to design—and define—a personal cooking experience. Your island is the ultimate in performance and style.

Cook Tops

A full range of cook tops are available from Garland. You choose based on your menu and your unique style.
• Open  ​• Burners ​ • Griddles  • Broilers  • Induction

Refrigerated Bases

Refrigerated bases can be mounted below most cook tops and are available in both self contained compressor as well as remote located compressor.


Combining the world’s best equipment into your island is easy since Garland is part of Welbilt.

Food Wells

Everything you need is exactly where you need it. Of course! It’s your island after all.

Dreams can come true

The Garland ACT Suite features Accelerated Cooking Technology: Cleveland Steam Chef, Merrychef Accelerated Oven, Garland 1/2 Size Oven, Garland Induction Hobs, Garland Induction Griddle, Refrigerated Base, Salamander and more. A ton of cooking power packed into a 15’ Island.

Inspire Your Island Lifestyle

The customization of your equipment doesn’t just end with an outline of what you want - you can also color it to coordinate with the rest of your kitchen and restaurant. Choose from a variety of colors or the latest design sensation. Make your equipment an element of design. Blend your ability with Garland’s capability and create an environment where new culinary masterpieces can take shape. Use your talent and trademarks to inspire experiences your customers will never forget.

The Master & Cuisine Series Island Suites

It’s time to extend your creative capabilities and invent an environment that complements your mastery. Create your island the way you would a signature dish... with individual accents, trademarks, and a style all your own. Focus on your future and design your dreams. They’ll be built expressly for you by Garland - the company that is dedicated to providing the best canvas on which to paint your culinary masterpieces.

Modul-Line meets all the needs of a large-scale cooking appliance installation.

Modul-Line is the perfect partner for large-scale fitted kitchen installations. With combinable power units, large power generators can be placed remotely, ideal for flexible kitchen planning. The modular approach also allows flexibility in number of cooking points, full-area, circular or wok or griddle coils and style of controls. Combined power units are available in a choice of ratings, along with various coil types, user controls, Ceran plates and mounting frames.

Convotherm Software Updates

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The particular software update for Convotherm 4 gas units has to be done by an authorised service partner (there are adjustment steps necessary).

Please ensure that only software which is suitable for the unit series is installed on your Convotherm unit. This software cannot be used for other unit types from the range. If this is disregarded, no liability will be assumed for malfunctions.

Convotherm Service manuals

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