Master Series - Gas Full-Size Convection Ovens w/Master 450 Digital Control

Master 450 Digital Control - Standard or Deep Depth - Single or Double Deck

The Master Series Convection Ovens from Garland deliver consistently better baking results — throughout the entire cavity — than you ever thought possible. Gone are the days where you need to turn your pans halfway through the cook cycle. The innovative airbaffling system and the industry’s largest blower wheel maximize airflow and evenly channels it throughout the entire oven cavity resulting in very precise cooking results throughout. Master Series Convection Ovens manage energy and efficiency no matter what the fuel source – gas or electric.


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  • BTU's
    • 60,000 BTU (17.58 kW)/cavity per Deck
  • Decks
    • Available in Single / Double Decks
  • Digital control
    • Master 450 Solid State Digital control with Cook ‘n’ Hold and 150°F (66°C) to 500°F (260°C) temperature range & 100 hour timer
  • Energy Saving
    • Auto-set back, energy saving and Auto Cool-Down features
  • Interior
    • Porcelain enameled oven interior with coved corners
  • Racks
    • 6 oven racks and 13 position rack guides
  • Ruggedly Built
    • Stainless Steel front, sides and top.
  • Thermal Window
    • 60/40 dependent door design with double pane thermal window in both doors and interior lighting
Master Series Full-Size Gas Convection Oven
W x D x H 38" x 411/4" x 571/2"
96.5cm x 104.8cm x 146.1cm
Weight 510 lb
231.3 kg
Power Input Type Gas - Natural
Primary Power Input 115-120 V x 60 Hz x 1 PH
Certifications CULNSFULWelbilt Enerlogic
Back Enclosure
Back enclosure Stainless Steel
Canopy Diverter
Canopy diverter 1951229, S/S
Connect Vent
Direct connect vent 1951217
Digital Control
Master 455 - Digital control with cook-n-hold and core probe on MCO-GS-10/20 and MCO-GD-10/20 only
Stainless Steel doors (Specify with order)
Interior liner
Stainless Steel oven interior liner
Lo-Profile Casters
Lo-Profile casters with front brakes (4) (Double ovens only)
Open Base
Open Base with 25" legs, S/S
Oven Racks
Extra oven rack standard depth (1922211), deep depth (1922212)
Swivel Casters
Swivel casters set of 4 polycasters with front brakes

Brochure & Sell Sheets

Convectional Thinking

CAD Symbols (KCL Cutsheets)

Deep-Depth, Double-Deck MCO-GD-20

Deep-Depth, Single-Deck MCO-GD-10

Standard-Depth, Double-Deck MCO-GS-20

Standard-Depth, Single-Deck MCO-GS-10

Owner Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual, Part #1955200

Parts Catalog List

Current Parts List, All MCO Gas Full-Size

Service Checklist

Start-Up/Performance Checklist, Garland/US Range/Sunfire Equipment

Specification Sheets



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