Garland Heavy - Duty Gas Counter Thermostat-Controlled Griddles

24" to 72" widths, with Snap-Action Thermostat Control

Take one look at the HD Counter line from Garland and you will see quality and craftsmanship beautifully intertwined with ‘full-sized’ power, performance and innovation.

Designed from the counter up, the Garland HD Counter Series features an impressive array of equipment to meet the demands of any commercial foodservice operation, large or small. Equipment so robust it rivals floor models for power, performance, durability and reliability.

This series is also available with Hi-Lo valve control.

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    • One burner and control per 12" of griddle cooking surface width. A 1" thick steel griddle plate delivers even heat distribution and years of trouble free service.
    • Available for natural or propane gas, and perfect in a line-up or as a full-power, stand-alone griddle
    • Griddles are all standard with piezo spark ignition. Thermostat control models have one gas shut off valve per thermostat which gives the ability to leave at desired temperature from day to day without adjustment.
W x D x H 24" x 32" x 13"
61cm x 81.3cm x 33cm
Weight 290 lb
131.5 kg
Power Input Type Gas - Natural
Certifications AGACGANSF
W x D x H 36" x 32" x 13"
91.4cm x 81.3cm x 33cm
Weight 405 lb
183.7 kg
Power Input Type Gas - Natural
Certifications AGACGANSF
W x D x H 48" x 32" x 13"
121.9cm x 81.3cm x 33cm
Weight 595 lb
269.9 kg
Power Input Type Gas - Natural
Certifications AGACGANSF
W x D x H 60" x 32" x 13"
152.4cm x 81.3cm x 33cm
Weight 705 lb
319.8 kg
Power Input Type Gas - Natural
Certifications AGACGANSF
W x D x H 72" x 32" x 13"
182.9cm x 81.3cm x 33cm
Weight 810 lb
367.4 kg
Power Input Type Gas - Natural
Certifications AGACGANSF

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