High Efficiency (HE) Broiler

A NEW Horizon of Performance, Durability and Efficiency, available in 24", 36", 48" and 60" widths

Expand your horizon with the new high efficiency Garland Broiler. With less variation in surface temperatures, Garland delivers everything from improved productivity to better, more consistent food quality. With easy-to-use controls and even easier operation there are fewer food safety concerns, far less operator training required and improved energy consumption.

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  • Broil a complete menu of food items to perfection
    • Convenient High low valves allow you to configure your broiler perfectly for your menu. Once set, no adjustment is necessary. Simply use the Quick Switch to start the unit. Training is kept to a minimum.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Grill sections are modular to allow for easy removal and handling. Large capacity drip trays slide out for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Electronic Ignition - less energy, greater convenience
    • There are no pilot lights in the new Garland HE Broiler. Instead, an electronic sparking mechanism is used to fire up the burners. Should gas flow be interrupted or the flame extinguish for any reason, the spark sequence automatically attempts to re-fire the broiler allowing for trouble free, continuous operation.
  • Heavy-duty construction performance assured
    • The robust grill and radiant plates are made from durable cast iron. Beneath the burners, stainless steel deflectors help with heat efficiency and reduce flare up. Solid stainless steel exterior and commercial grade components throughout ensure a robust, durable product built to last.
  • Maximize Productivity
    • More even heat distribution across the entire surface is the key to improving productivity. With the entire surface producing like results, shuffling product position and trying to find hot or cooler zones is no longer necessary. Experience consistent results with less training. Because the unit is zoned, you control the temperature for ultimate flexibility.
  • Simple Quick-Switch Start-up
    • Garland has made the HE Broiler so easy to use that starting or stopping the broiler is as easy as flipping a switch. The switch automatically starts the sparking sequence and opens the gas valve allowing the unit to fire up almost instantly. Further, the broiler is divided into zones (each with individual controls) to provide flexibility and assist in energy savings.
W x D x H 36" x 371/4" x 1713/16"
91.4cm x 94.6cm x 45.2cm
Weight 391 lb
177.4 kg
Power Input Type Gas - Natural
Certifications CSANSF
W x D x H 48" x 371/4" x 1713/16"
121.9cm x 94.6cm x 45.2cm
Weight 505 lb
229.1 kg
Power Input Type Gas - Natural
Certifications CSANSF
W x D x H 60" x 371/4" x 1713/16"
152.4cm x 94.6cm x 45.2cm
Weight 620 lb
281.2 kg
Power Input Type Electric
Certifications CSANSF
W x D x H 24" x 38" x 18"
61cm x 96.5cm x 45.7cm
Weight 280 lb
127 kg
Power Input Type Gas - Natural
Certifications CSANSF

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