Master Series - Electric XPress Grill - Model XPE12

Two-sided grilling by Garland

The XPress Grill's upper and lower grill plates cook both sides simultaneously, reducing cook times by up to 50%.  Upper grill plate is automatically raised and lowered by a lift system powered by a quiet actuator.

Lower griddle plate made of 3/4" (19mm) thick carbon steel, machine ground and highly polished.

Lower grill plate heated by three electric heating elements.

Upper platen heated by nickel plated cast aluminum electric heating elements.

Electric top heater provided with replaceable quick release Teflon sheets. Available in three phase power for Delta or Wye electrical systems.

Voltage sensing and power management automatically adjusts power to electrical system voltage.

Available with CSA or CE approvals.  All have NSF approval.

Installation with zero clearance against non-combustible surfaces.
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  • Casters
    • Swivel casters (4) with front brakes
  • Construction
    • Stainless steel front, top and sides
  • Control
    • Programmable control for each cooking lane precisely controls:
      • Automatic lifting and lowering of upper platen
      • Cooking gap and time
      • EasyTouch screen design is simple and intuitive with Press and Go interface
  • Grease Collectors
    • Stainless steel dual side grease collectors
  • IPX4
    • Water resistant rating
  • Recipes
    • Programmed by setting grill temperature, platen temperature, cooking gap up to 2 inches (5 cm) and cook time
  • Temperature Control
    • Advanced temperature control, smart anticipation versus on/off
      • Eliminates temperature overshoot and undershoot
      • Increases temperature uniformity with five independently controlled heat zones -- three on plate and two on platen
  • Towel Bar
    • With bun pan lip
  • USB Interface
      • To update menus
      • User interface provides advanced diagnostics and error logging for ease of service and increased first-time fix
  • Warranty
    • Two-year limited parts and labor (USA & Canada)
XPE12 CSA Models - DELTA
W x D x H 155/8" x 341/2" x 587/8"
39.7cm x 87.6cm x 149.5cm
Weight lb
Power Output Kilowatts
Power Input Type Electric
Primary Power Input 208-240 V x 50 Hz x 3 PH
208-240 V x 60 Hz x 3 PH
XPE12 CE Models - WYE
W x D x H 155/8" x 341/2" x 587/8"
39.7cm x 87.6cm x 149.5cm
Weight lb
Power Output Kilowatts
Power Input Type Electric
Primary Power Input 400 V x 50 Hz x 3 PH
400 V x 60 Hz x 3 PH
Certifications CE
Grease Cans
  • Straight sides for minimum space
  • Flared sides to hold optional tool holders
Tool Holders
  • 4-inch spatula
  • 6-inch scrapper
  • 7-inch wiper

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Master Series - Electric XPress Grill - Model XPE12


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