Garland G Series - Gas Restaurant Ranges

24" to 60" widths, with multiple configuration options

When you cook without boundaries, you can take your menu anywhere. Inspired by the culinary craftsmanship of master chefs, the new Garland® Restaurant Range is the expert’s choice for durability, performance and ease of maintenance.

Garland Empowers Better Cooking. Garland designs ranges, broilers, grills, ovens and cooktops that push the standards for performance, style and ease of use. From intuitive user interfaces to innovative heat technology, Garland equipment enables you to create exceptional patron experiences without limitations.

The Restaurant Range that cooks without boundaries. The new Garland Restaurant Range was inspired by chefs to help empower your unlimited culinary creativity through unmatched durability and performance. For more than a century, we've listened to the needs of chefs and designed a range so intuitive and adaptive, it helps take food further.

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  • Balanced Burners
    • Garland's exclusive 33,000-BTU cast-iron Starfire-Pro burner combines speed with precise, even heat to improve efficiency and control.
  • Best-in-Class Durability
    • Superior structural rigidity and unmatched thermal management will reduce downtime over the long life of this state-of-the-art range. The new chassis design is built on over 120 years of global foodservice experience.
  • Configuration
    • 24" wide, four open-top burners, space-saver oven
  • Configuration
    • 36" wide, six open-top burners, standard oven
  • Configuration
    • 48" wide, eight open-top burners, two space-saver ovens
  • Configuration
    • 60" wide, ten open-top burners, two standard ovens
  • Configuration
    • 60" wide, six open-top burners, 24" raised griddle/broiler, two standard ovens
  • Ease of Maintenance
    • Engineered by experts, the protected individual burner pilots eliminate spillover outages, while split ergonomic grates and two-piece burners make cleaning easy and safe.
  • Expanded Cooktop
    • Expand your cooking options on Garland's newly designed cooking surface with individual cast-iron grates and 27 inches of cooking surface depth.
  • Flexible Oven
    • Garland's larger oven is deep enough to load full-size sheet pans in either direction. The 38,000-BTU cast-iron burner delivers best-in-class evenness and recovery time, making easy work of all your baking, roasting and finishing.
  • Optional Feature – Griddle
    • A 5/8-inch-thick griddle plate is available with hi-valve control or super accurate thermostat controls one per 12 inches of griddle width). High splash and a 4¼-inch-wide trough aid grease control.
  • Optional Feature - Hot Top Sections
    • Excellent method to distribute heat evenly across pot surfaces for simmering. Powered by a 20,000-BTU cast-iron burner and available in 12-inch-wide sections (each in place of one front/rear pair of open-top burners).
  • Optional Feature - Range-Mount Salamander
    • Essential to every kitchen for finishing or cooking, the Garland salamander is equipped with two 20,000-BTU infrared burners to get the job done. The salamander is mounted on the back guard, maximizing the work area by creating a combination work center.
  • Unmatched Griddle Accuracy
    • Quickly and accurately adjust to any cooking need with a completely redesigned thermostatic griddle that delivers a wide range of temperature settings.
G24-4L Restaurant Range
W x D x H 24" x 341/2" x 57"
61cm x 87.6cm x 144.8cm
Weight 302 lb
137 kg
Power Input Type Gas - Natural
Certifications CSANSF
G36-6R Restaurant Range
W x D x H 36" x 341/2" x 57"
91.4cm x 87.6cm x 144.8cm
Weight 430 lb
195 kg
Power Input Type Gas - Natural
Certifications CSANSF
G48-8LL Restaurant Range
W x D x H 48" x 341/2" x 57"
121.9cm x 87.6cm x 144.8cm
Weight 572 lb
259.5 kg
Power Input Type Gas - Natural
Certifications CSANSF
G60-10RR Restaurant Range
W x D x H 60" x 341/2" x 57"
152.4cm x 87.6cm x 144.8cm
Weight 726 lb
329.3 kg
Power Input Type Gas - Natural
Certifications CSANSF
G60-6R24RR Restaurant Range
W x D x H 60" x 341/2" x 57"
152.4cm x 87.6cm x 144.8cm
Weight 828 lb
375.6 kg
Power Input Type Gas - Natural
Certifications CSANSF

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