G Series 36" Gas Restaurant Range

Gas restaurant series range with large capacity (standard) oven. 35 7/16" (900mm) wide, 27" (686mm) deep work top surfaces. Stainless steel front, sides and 5" wide front rail. 6" (152mm) legs with adjustable feet. Six Starfire-Pro 2 piece, 33,000 Btuh/ 9.67 kW (natural gas), cast open burners set in split cast iron ergonomic grates. Griddle or optional hot-top with cast iron "H" style burners, 18,000 Btuh/5.27 kW (natural gas), in lieu of open burners. One piece oven with porcelain interior and heavy duty, "keep cool" door handle. Heavy cast iron "H" oven burner rated 38,000 Btuh/11.13 kW (natural gas) Oven controlled by even bake, fast recovery snap action modulating oven thermostat. Available with convection oven, storage base or modular top model in lieu of oven.
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  • 12" (305mm) section stamped drip trays w/ dimpled bottom
  • 6" (152mm) adj. stainless steel legs
  • Gas regulator
  • Large 27" (686mm) work top surface
  • Large easy-to-use control knobs
  • Stainless steel backguard, w/removable stainless steel shelf
  • Stainless steel 5" (127mm) plate rail
  • Stainless steel front and sides
Weight 429.9 lb
195 kg
Power Output 236000.00 BTUs
Power Input Type Electric
Certifications CSANSF
Weight 310.8 lb
141 kg
Power Output 198000.00 BTUs
Certifications CSANSF
Weight 189.6 lb
86 kg
Power Output 198000.00 BTUs
Certifications CSANSF
Weight 460.8 lb
209 kg
Power Output 188000.00 BTUs
Certifications CSANSF
Weight 339.5 lb
154 kg
Power Output 150000.00 BTUs
Certifications CSANSF
Weight 220.5 lb
100 kg
Power Output 150000.00 BTUs
Certifications CSANSF
Weight 496 lb
225 kg
Power Output 140000.00 BTUs
Certifications CSANSF
Weight 374.8 lb
170 kg
Power Output 102000.00 BTUs
Certifications CSANSF
Weight 255.7 lb
116 kg
Power Output 102000.00 BTUs
Certifications CSANSF
Weight 529.1 lb
240 kg
Power Output 92000.00 BTUs
Certifications CSANSF
Weight 410.1 lb
186 kg
Power Output 54000.00 BTUs
Certifications CSANSF
Weight 291 lb
132 kg
Power Output 54000.00 BTUs
Certifications CSANSF
6” (152mm) levelling swivel casters (4), w/front locking
Additional oven racks
Celsius temperature dials
Convection oven motor 240v 50/60HZ single phase
Flanged deck mount legs
Hot top 12" (305mm) plate in lieu of two open burners, manual valve controlled w/18,000 Btuh/5.27 kW cast iron "H" burner standard on left side
Low profile 9-3/8" (238mm) backguard stainless steel front and sides
Piezo spark ignition for pilots on griddles
Range mount salalamnders and cheesemelters are available for the oven and storage base models but not modular top (T) models
Snap action modulating griddle control 175° to 425° F

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G Series 36'' Gas Restaurant Range


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